Partial Nude Pictures: Dangote Drags American Girlfriend to Court for Reputation Damage

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Olayemi Esan

For sharing the half nicked pictures and videos of Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote on various social media channels, an American lady has been sued for reputation damage by the billionaire businessman.
Alhaji Dangote, who has filed a lawsuit is claiming damages for his smeared reputation from his alleged American mistresses, who posted videos on social media that included the billionaire’s exposed buttocks earlier this month.
But while reacting to the Lawsuit, the lady took to her page to shed more light on the issue.

According to the lady, Dangote’s legal team paid her to sign a NDA about her intimate relationship with the billionaire of which she refused. She shared the document above and wrote ;

I have not been served.

But since this is public record, let’s discuss it.

What are your thoughts?

I was insultingly offered 15k and 2,500 a month to sign an NDA but I declined. I gained legal counsel in which we countered his offer. Mind you his first initial offer wasn’t disclosed in the terms of his proposed NDA.

Therefore I was pressured and influenced to sign, which was already a violation of his own NDA. He denied knowing me and our relationship to his lawyers and we’re asked for proof of our affair…now I’m being sued for extortion? This is such a manly egotistical move. I’ve kept it private but you made it public with the lawsuit.

All these claims of interviews and talk show threats will have to be proved in court so I haven’t spoken to anyone regarding our relationship

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